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Blue Collar Hoops - 2024 Spring Training Schedule

*Bring a basketball!

*Location noted below*

Mon, April 8  5:00-6:00pm @ Cline (canceled for Eclipse)

Tue, April 9  5:00-6:00pm @ Cline

Mon, April 15   5:00-6:00pm @ Cline

Tue, April 16   5:00-6:00pm @ Cline

Mon, April 22  5:00-6:00pm @ Cline

Tue, April 23   5:00-6:00pm @ Cline

Mon, April 29  5:00-6:00pm @ Cline

Tue, April 30  5:00-6:00pm @ Cline

Mon, May 6  5:00-6:00pm @ Cline

Tue, May 7  5:00-6:00pm @ HS Back Gym


Are there different sessions for different age groups?

We split players up each night based on age and skill level to allow for maximum development. Each night players will be grouped with players of a similar skill set to train with and against. Coaches will modify drills to make them age and skill appropriate.

Do you pay for sessions individually?

We sell punch cards for $150 that are good for 10 sessions. These cards can be shared and do carryover to the following spring or fall if all the sessions have not been used. We've found this allows for players to continue in a spring sport while still taking advantage of opportunities for basketball training when their schedule allows.

How long are the sessions? Are parents allowed to stay and watch?

Each training session will be an hour in length. You are welcome to stay and watch or you can drop your son/daughter off and pick them back up in an hour.

What do they work on?

Our focus will be almost entirely on offensive skill development. A strong focus will be placed on ballhandling and footwork, as we feel these are two of the most fundamental skills in basketball. Each session will consist of a warmup, ballhandling stations, skill specific breakdown drills, and 1 on 1 play.

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